Deep Web Hidden Side of Internet

Deep Web Hidden Side of Internet

Deep Web Hidden Side of Internet

What is deep web?

The deep web, invisible web, or the hidden web is the part of the World Wide Web whose content are not indexed by standard search engines for any reason.

It is estimated that the deep web makes about 96% of the whole internet.

The terms DARK WEB and DEEP WEB are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

Deep Web simply refers to anything on the web that can’t be found using a search engine. E.g. your personal emails cannot be found on web using Google.  If you want to search for your email you just can’t Google it and get the results because your personal emails are hidden from the Google Search Engine.

Dark Web is a part of deep web that is accessible only through certain special tools. E.g. tor browser as this browser is designed to ensure anonymity. Deep web technologies have zero involvement with the dark web.

Now from above information we can divide the World Wide Web or Internet in three major parts:

Deep Web Hidden Side of Internet

Surface Web – Contains data and information that can be indexed by the standard search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and others.

Deep Web – Contains 90% of the information on the internet, but is not accessible by surface web. E.g. Academic Information, Medical Records, Scientific Reports, Govt. Resources, Organization Specific Repositories, etc.

Dark Web – The part of internet you should never try to access because its hidden so deep for some reasons. It contains Illegal Information, TOR Encrypted sites, Political Protests, Drugs Dealing, Private Data etc.

Differences between clear and deep Web

The surface web or clear web is every site you use every day. E.g. YouTube, Google and anything you can access through a link. It comprises of only 4% of entire World Wide Web.

The deep web contains things that are private, and anything that has security or authentication to access. E.g. Emails, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. (Information that cannot be accessed with web crawlers). It makes 90% of the World Wide Web. It can be considered as the part of clear web but is slightly different.

The Dark Web contains things that are purposely hidden not necessarily for security. It required special software to access.

Common Misconceptions and Myths about Deep Web / Dark Web

It is illegal to access – It is not illegal to access, however there are some countries that have a certain level of censorship. E.g. North Korea where you can’t even access clear web also. FBI is not targeting everyone but only certain peoples who are doing malicious work on internet.

It is dangerous to access – It is safer than the clear web in terms of threats to your identity and computer. Clear web has more viruses, malware’s etc.

You will be targeted / hacked – The deep web is only dangerous on certain malicious websites only. And you will surely not encounter them unless you are looking for them.

It is only for criminals – The deep web is used by more than 2 million peoples everyday for communication and anonymity. E.g. Reporters (journalists) etc.

Red Rooms are real – Red rooms cannot function on the tor relay because of the slow speed of the connection; hence a live stream will be unwatchable.

Most of the sites are scary / malicious – The deep web has more information sites than malicious sites. You will only stumble on then if you look for them. Meaning you will get to malicious sites only if you try to do so.

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