Intel’s Core i9 Processor

Intel’s Core i9 Processor

Intel’s Core i9 Processor

For quite a long time, Intel’s lead Center processor arrangement has had three execution levels: i3, i5, and the highest point of-the-line i7. After the appearance of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processor,which led Intel to worry that it might not have the baddest chip on the block. Intel’s Core i9 processor is what happened in response to that. It is designed with an intention to take multitasking and multi-threading to a whole new level which Intel’s marketing team calls Megatasking.


What’s New in Intel’s core i9?

Rising to the challenge that AMD laid down with the 16-core Threadripper, the i9 series is boosting the total core and thread count over all of Intel’s previous consumer-grade processors. The introductory i9-7900X has 10 cores and 20 threads (the same as the previous flagships), with the bigger and better upgrades in the i9-7920X, i9-7940X, i9-7960X, and i9-7980XE processors offering 12, 14, 16, and 18 cores, respectively.

More cores have tendency for speed up your multitasking at the single time. It has 3.3GHz clock speed which means that each core run fast as measure in clock speed.

The i9 series supports quad-channel DDR4 memory at speeds of up to 2666 MHz, considerably faster than the previous Core i7 chips.

The i9-7900X uses a base clock of 3.3GHz and it also support Turbo Boost with version 3.0, bumping it up to 4.5GHz under ideal conditions—and that’s before any kind of end-user overclocking.

It has 10×1024 KB Cache Memory and all other processors generation increase by 2. This means that other series have 14MB, 16MB, and 18MB.


Specs and Pricing of Intel’s core i9 Processor

Intel has releases five variant of Intel core i9 as 7th generation model in the previous year. The first was called Intel core i9-7900X which costs about $950 to $1000 and the second variant which is called as Intel core i9-7920X which cost around $1199. Other are core i9-7940X, core i9-7960X and the last core i9-7980XE.

Core i9 Extreme Edition:

Core i9-7980XE: (2.6GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 18 cores/36 threads, $1,999

Core i9 Other Editions:

Core i9-7960X: (2.8GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 16 cores/32 threads, $1,699

Core i9-7940X: (3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 14 cores/28 threads, $1,399

Core i9-7920X: (3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst) 12 cores/24 threads, $1,199

Core i9-7900X: (3.3GHz, 4.5GHz burst) 10 cores/20 threads, $999


This super-fueled Intel’s core i9 processor is also one of the first in the new “X-Series” of performance-oriented CPUs, which also come in i7 and i5 flavors. The first series uses a brand new CPU socket, the LGA2066, which means a mandatory motherboard upgrade along with the processor.


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