10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

Based on the survey conducted by the two top most websites visited by developers all around the globe STACKOVERFLOW and GITHUB, here’s the list of 10 most popular programming languages to learn that are used by developers all around world from 2017 to 2018.


JavaScript is the most popular language according to StackOverflow’s 2018 survey, with 71.5% of respondents claiming to use it. It’s undoubtedly the dominant language of the web and the growth of JavaScript over the past decade has been immense. Much of its syntax has been derived from the C language. The script allows you to pull strings and make your web page more interactive.

JavaScript information sustains into a lot of front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, and others, as well as the Node.js run-time environment, which allows you to run JavaScript on the backend with high efficiency.


Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language. This language was made based on the logic of readability and simplicity. Python code is neat, readable, and well-structured. This is one of the easiest coding-language to learn for the beginners.  You’ll find it in web applications, desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, media tools and more.

Python-based web development frameworks include Django and Flask. Also, the language is heavily equipped with quality machine learning and data analysis libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas. All in all, profession ways with Python are different and setting down deep roots. It’s a decent decision for beginner developers, as it’s simple to peruse and grasp.


Java is arguably the most popular programming language and most adopted programming language used by hundreds and millions of developers including billions of devices worldwide. The language has been around since the 1990’s and is an open source, free to use for the masses. The compatibility of Java with almost every format has aided its popularity and usage.

The popularity of Java knows no bounds; it has been in demand since its inception. Popular career options with Java are backend developer, big data developer, embedded systems engineer, or Android developer.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is mainly used for development web applications. It is a derivative of C language.Its creation was aimed to make and design web applications. Today, more than 82% of websites use PHP including Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, and Tumblr. Apart from its popularity, it is also easy to use and offers various advanced features for experienced programmers.


C++ is a highly efficient and flexible language, created back in 1985 by Bjarne Stroustrup. It has remained in high demand due to its performance, reliability, and variety of contexts you can use it in. It’s a tough language to learn. Proficiency in C++ may be a difficult task, but on the bright side, it makes the learning of other languages intuitively easier.

Plenty of large systems have been created and maintained successfully using C++, including the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and Adobe.A career with C++ typically involves developing desktop applications, especially for performance-intensive tasks.


C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. It’s the predecessor of C++.It is procedural language based on functions and structures. C was aimed to implement procedures using as little memory as possible. Most of our modern languages have been influenced directly by C. The list includes C++, Python, and Java. C can act as an excellent base to learn multiple languages. If you aim to diversify your skill set by learning multiple languages then starting with C will be a wise decision.

C was designed to be a powerful language; this was so that you can have total control over your software. This innate nature of C has made it the backbone of the world’s most popular operating systems, such as; Windows and Linux. You will also find traces of C in almost every computerized device.


Ruby is one of the most loved programming languages around. It’s designed to be friendly and easy to use by developers, as even its own tagline is “a programmer’s best friend.” Ruby is a high-level language which aims to achieve a lot with few lines of clean, readable code.

Ruby was introduced to the world around the same time as Python. Unfortunately, it didn’t gain popularity until very recently.The thing that made Ruby a sensation in the programming community were its rails framework. Ruby on Rails is a web framework which encapsulates all of Ruby’s ideas into a powerful tool for the web.

Well-written Ruby code almost looks like sentences written in plain English. It’s a great choice for the first language to learn, as beginners typically pick it up fast and enjoy it along the way.

C# (C Sharp)

C# is a straightforward, present day, universally useful, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.It’s a piece of the Microsoft’s.Net family and is utilized as a part of coordinated effort with numerous different languages to chip away at enormous ventures.

It’s picking up popularity consistently.Despite the fact that it may not be perfect for non-Windows applications, C# is a wise choice to create Windows-particular applications and programming.The vast majority of Microsoft’s items depend on C#.


Swift is a relatively new programming language released by Apple in 2014. This is a language for developing native iOS or macOS applications. Swift is the successor of Objective-C. It is considered an improvement in terms of usability and performance compared to Objective-C. This language used for Apple’s iOS and macOS operating systems.


R is an open-source programming language and environment used for statistics, graphic representation and data analysis. This is the #1 choice for data scientists. If you find yourself interested in this field, then R is a stable and profitable career choice for you.


Putting your time into learning a language is dependably risky decision. Obviously we do it since we love it, however what makes it even better is discovering genuine chances to utilize what we learned. The above list is like a guide to all our readers to opt for the best selection for a programming language to start their career with. The fact that the only constant in IT world is “change”, you will find this ranking will change from time to time and website to website.

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