Think – Ask questions – Change your life

Think – Ask questions – Change your life

Think – Ask questions – Change your life

Why to ask questions?

Life changing questions – What, Why, How, Where that’s how kids ask questions for every new thing they come across. And no matter what you tell them they are never satisfied with your answers until and unless they find the answer of their own. This is the attitude which helps them learn and grow.

But as we start growing and reach a certain age level we stop asking questions from our teacher, parents, friends and worst of all form ourselves. Most commonly we develop a habit of accepting the things as they are put into our mind.

This article is all about reminding you to ask questions again like you once did; not to accept things the way they are loaded up into your mind as such.

In this process of bringing back your long gone questions asking ability I will take help of Mathematics throughout this process.

Now the question arises here is why mathematics probably the mathematics haters will have this question in their mind. But just be patient and at the end of this article even the biggest hater of mathematics are going to fall in love with it. Just stay cool and follow along.

Let’s get started now..

Now I hope everyone is aware of the basic mathematics operations:

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division

Mostly everyone finds addition and subtraction quite easy but with multiplication and division the difficulty level just increase a little bit especially for mathematics haters. So let me present you the concept of multiplication and division in another way.


Consider an easy example:

5 X 3 = 15

This can be simply represented as

5+5+5 = 15

i.e. we are repeatedly adding 5 here 3 times to get the result.

So, multiplication is nothing but repetitive addition. The second number always tell how many times the first number is to be added to get the final result. Like, in last example where we had to add 5 repeatedly 3 times to get the answer i.e. 15.


Let’s take an example here:

15/3 = 5

The above example simply means that how many times I have to subtract 5 from 15 so that I have nothing left with me (i.e. 0) and the answer is 3 times.

So, division is nothing but it is reparative subtraction but in slight different manner.

Now, probably you have understood what I did i meant when i said not accept things as they were loaded up into your mind. Things are always not the same way they are loaded up into our mind. There are different angles to every problem and same follows in our real life too. Whenever we get stuck at anything probably we are missing something. Specially the basics which we just grasped as we were told without asking any questions.

Since we have started thinking outside the box now and not accepting the things as they were loaded up into our mind. Let me as another question which would probably shake up your mind. If the question doesn’t shake up your mind then I promise the answer will do.

What is 0 ⁰ (zero to the power zero)?

Now before we start exploring the answer for this question I want you to grab your calculators, the scientific calculators. If you say you don’t have one probably you didn’t even know about this too.

Every android or smart phone today has this pre-installed. Still cannot find it here is a video that will help you out:

How to find scientific calculator in your android smart device?

What is 0 ⁰ (zero to the power zero)?

Once you are ready watch this amazing video to find you’re the solution to this question and remember to follow along to have more fun.

After watching this video i am sure you have probably understood my concept of asking question and thinking outside the box to change the you think and you live.


We all have developed a habit of accepting the things around us the way they are. This is one of the biggest reasons why we don’t have much more innovative thoughts left with us. The only aim of this article is to make you realize that everything in and around us is for a reason. Everything we learn have some basic meaning hidden inside it and all we need to do is to find out that meaning. Learning is fun and always will be you just need to get out of the box you are living in and as I say Think Outside the Box.


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